Five great uses for carpet remnants

Don’t call them scraps; carpet remnants are useful design and decorating tools or can be used as practical solutions to some problem.

With a little creative, out-of-the-box thinking you can find a lot of uses for them.

At Anthony Interiors the question isn’t so much as “Can we compete with the big boxes” but, rather, it’s “Can the big boxes compete with us?"

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For example, our carpet remnants are 50 to 70% off retail prices, but we don’t skimp on quality; they come from well-known and respected brands.

We've been in operation since 1949, and we added focus in 1975. Our fully stocked inventory includes every type of flooring from hardwood and carpet to vinyl.

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Create your unique area rug

A flooring store often carries a large inventory of stock area rugs and runners but, chances are, there’s also a remnant department. If you rely solely on stock rugs, you’ll be limited in color, size, and pattern.

Shop for your remnants here and then bring them and your design inspiration to our in-house rug binding department. We'll create your one-of-a-kind design.
Remnants in Santa Clara, CA from Anthony Interiors

Highlight and accent

  • They bring out hardwood floor undertones. Undertones are secondary colors that give your floor a certain hue; for example, mahogany floors might have a reddish tint to them, while gray wood may look slate blue at times. Scatter rugs will act as a spotlight.

  • They’re noise insulators. Some people find that hard surface floors are a little noisy. That’s because there’s no fabric to catch the sound vibrations, so they bounce all over the walls. Carpets will fix that.

Fun project

  • If you own a pet and have a cat, they need at least a scratching post. This makes a fun DIY project for the crafty and practical person.

  • Also, consider using a remnant as a cushion and insulation for your dog’s house.

While we provided some flooring uses, we just bet you can come up with more. Speak with your retailer about carpet remnants.